“I want to Thank The Academy”

– Based on True events….
A slash between Birdman/The Disaster Artist and a dash of Crocodile Dundee. “I want to Thank The Academy” is a hybrid specialty film which has never been done before.
This film focuses on “The Truth of Hollywood” and how being an actor is not what it is perceived to be, but shows an accurate light into this mythical unicorn chase for Hollywood glory.
Richard Wilken’s is an Australia actor who moved to Hollywood to chase his dreams that are in his heart. He moonlights with an unusual job as he grinds away to achieve his dream of being a successful working actor.
The story follows Richard Wilken’s, who is a thoroughbred Australian man, this story takes the audience on his adventures, his let downs and misfortunes, as well as the happy and encouraging moments and micro successes, through out his journey in La La Land.
The project is very dynamic and shows our Australian culture in Los Angeles and America. The Project is Crocodile Dundee meets Disaster Artist
This project will be an independent hit.