“One Messed-Up Day in L.A.”

– (Adult Comedy) A wannabe screenwriter on a hunt for a legendary piece of Sinatra memorabilia is hampered by the competition and an irate meth dealer.

“The Over the Edge Club”

– (Romantic Thriller) A corrupt female executive in charge of the skim money at a Mafia owned Vegas Casino begins to question her pursuit of wealth and power when she falls prey to the fast-paced life style of an adrenaline addicted coffee shop busboy. But the busboy has a side gig she doesn’t know about: he bugs phones, and he’s not always sure whose phone it is he’s bugging…


“Start-Up Mafia”

– (Crime Drama) What starts as a dispute over a small time dope dealer’s territory quickly escalates into murder and mayhem when bartender Charlie, under the mentorship of a dangerously mysterious patron and aided by a diverse group of friends as a makeshift mob, uses an odd mixture of compassion and remorseless violence to venture into the organized crime business and violently takeover ownership of the Paradise Room Gentlemen’s Club.


– (Drama) Under the watchful eye of the Federal Witness Protection Program, a former deep cover DEA agent tries to raise his 10 year-old Son on his Great Uncle’s Ranch on the U.S. side of the International Border across from a Drug Cartel controlled town in Old Mexico.

“Bonnie on the Spot”

– (Sitcom) An ethnically and politically-odd couple of twenty-something trust fund-baby half-brothers are forced to live together and contend with an outrages and mysterious female roommate when one of the brothers goes broke and their wealthy father cuts the other one off.